You’ll need a social account you’ll use to interact with ReVivify service (at the moment, Facebook or Twitter). There are 3 ways you can interact with ReVivify service in general:

ReVivify Website : manually scheduling posts
API : more appropriate for developers, for easy integration with your own systems/solutions
WordPress plugin : for easy integration with WordPress based websites

Note: the relation between accounts is simple, you’ll connect one “main” account and add/connect additional accounts to it.

The difference is mainly related to the way we handle your available requests/posts. Main account is any account you add “first” and additional accounts are accounts you connect to the main one via profile dashboard. For each account you add (main or additional), you will have to allow our ReVivify app to manage it, meaning you’ll have to set appropriate permissions on Social Network platform. Any plan you purchase or any request/posting you conduct on “additional” accounts will be attributed or deducted (respectively) to your main account.

In that regard, each social account you might have can be connected and function independently from each other (as a main accounts).

Yes, we do offer free service and it includes a limited number of requests on a monthly basis. In case you need more posts you can select one of our available plans. Free accounts don’t require any explicit subscription and are refiled on the 1st day of the month.

We do offer refund when it comes to unused credit/requests but only for the amounts bigger than $10. When it comes to WP Plugin (ReVivify) there’s no refund. Please check our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

By default WP ReVivify PRO plugin purchase includes 1 year of support. You can extend that support upon expiration or before that moment. It includes:

  • Availability of the author to answer questions
  • Get assistance with reported bugs and issues
  • Help with included 3rd party assets

Support doesn’t include customizations and installations.

As many as you like. We don’t impose any limits on the number of accounts you can connect to your “main” account.

On as many as you like. We don’t like the idea of limiting anyone to a specific number of sites they can use our plugin on. We think it’s a more flexible approach to limit the number of posts users can push through our platform.

There might be numerous reasons like WP Cron issues, network problems, website/page unresponsiveness, etc.

The ReVivify WordPress plugin is relying on WordPress Cron system to schedule posts, and the main disadvantage of WP cron is that it only works if you have a visitor on your site (triggering execution). You could either use some free service like https://cron-job.org/ (a lot of them are available out there for free) or you can turn to our PRO version of ReVivify plugin where we include/provide a scheduled “ping” of sorts (Pinger service), explicitly making a request towards your website in predefined time increments.

This service is especially useful in cases where a website doesn’t have enough traffic and thus not triggering the WP Cron system/service. It occasionally sends a HTTP/HTTPS GET request to your website, emulating the visit and explicitly triggering the scheduled cron task. Pinger executes every minute but call frequency depends on your schedule or WP ReVivify plugin settings (based on a social network account/page). This service comes with ReVivify PRO plugin.

Date/time used is tied to UTC time zone. In cases there are multiple pages with overlapping intervals/timings, only one call will be made.

APIKey is here to help you share your access to our service with third parties (your client’s websites or services). In order to split the “owner” operations that include sensitive data and “third” parties, we have decided to introduce a SecretKey. 

Note: Although you can reset SecretKey at any moment, we do not recommend sharing it.

Yes. We would even like to encourage you to do so. The service is built with that option/possibility in mind, but to enable sharing you’ll need a PRO version of WP ReVivify Social plugin. After you connect your social account with ReVivify and Purchase a plugin, the sharing option will be automatically enabled. You can acquire “API Key” either via website or via WP ReVivify Plugin (settings panel). Take that “API Key” and share it with your clients/partners. They could use API Key directly with WP ReVivify Plugin or by relying on ReVivify API (for easier integration with their solutions).

Well, we like to think we can offer you something a bit different, a bit more unique and flexible when compared to other providers out there, but it’s ultimately up to you to decide.

Check our API page for more details.