The plugin is executing every minute and on every execution all accounts and pages are being checked & at least one post from each of them is being shared. You can share one post per minute and predefined number of posts per day in total (Free plugin version). Note: If you’re using your own keys, per day limits are not applicable.

Quick Setup

1. Add your main social account [Accounts Tab]. Connect using FB or Twitter account. You can also use your own keys.

2. Go to “General tab“, select your newly added account and the page. Check the “Post on this page” field.

3. Setup your schedule/frequency. Don’t forget to setup appropriate min/max post age. 
4. Select the “Order” in which posts should be shared (oldest/newest first)
5. Click “Start” button in the top right corner


Main Account : The account used for connecting other/additional accounts or payments/purchases

API Key: Here to circumvent the need social network account or revivify account credentials sharing with 3rd parties. Used to connect your ReVivify account with ReVivify WP Plugin on websites. You can acquire an API Key by registering on

Additional accounts : Here you can connect additional social network accounts (multiple facebook accounts, twitter). Number of additional accounts is not limited.

Your own keys : Instead of relying on Revivify you can use your own Social Network keys (Facebook, Twitter, etc)


Remove all data/parameters on plugin delete : Delete everything related to the plugin (meta, options, etc) on plugin delete action
Enable WP Pinger (PRO): This field enables the WP Pinger that sends occasional call to your website. Ideal for WP websites that don’t have enough traffic (where WP Cron is not triggering scheduled actions)
Post on this page : Weather this page should be considered when posting articles
Custom schedule : Specify days of the week or custom timing during the day by selecting or manually entering the values separated by comma (e.g. 9:30,14:30). Note: This circumvents the “min. interval” option
Share Frequency: How frequent do you want post(s) to be shared. You can use decimal values (0.1 => every 6 minutes).
Minimum Post Age (days) : Selecting posts with minimum age of specified days
Maximum Post Age (days) : Selecting posts with maximum age of specified days
Exclude Category/Tags: Exclude specific category or tag from being posted on the selected page. Note: in cases where post belongs to multiple categories or has many tags, any of them being listed here will result in post exclusion
Share Multiple Times : How many times to share individual posts. E.g. With this value=2, if all posts have been shared at least once, the plugin is starting another “round” of sharing
Order : Whether to share oldest or newest posts first

Share type:

  • Title + Link + Hashtags (Default): A default setup, post title and link with your custom hashtags (on account/page level)
  • General Post Template (PRO): Exclusively posting the content
  • Post Featured Image (PRO): Exclusively posting the Image
  • Post Link (PRO): Exclusively posting the Link
  • General Post Template + Featured Image (PRO) : Posting the content with the post featured image
  • General Post Template + Post Link (PRO): Publishing the content with the post permalink (note: published post will collect meta like featured image)

Other Options:

Google Analytics (PRO) : Add specific google tracking to your shares
General Post Template (PRO): Specify post format with predefined tags
Hashtags : Define hashtags
Category based format (PRO): Define post format based on category
Category vs Post relation (PRO): Related to “Category format”, whether to replace (checked) or append (default) category format/template with/to post format/template
Multi-category handling (PRO): Related to “Category format”, each post can have multiple categories and instead of merging all together (can end up being lengthy) you can allow plugin to select only one randomly.


Select account, search posts, exclude specific posts:

Exclude (local): Exclude post from a previously selected account
Exclude (global): Exclude post from all pages
Share now: Share the post immediately (the post will be shared on every page with “Post on this page” option checked). Doesn’t use or rely on post share counter. Maximum 1 post per minute limit applies.
Reset All Counters: Reset counters of all posts on selected account/page. Useful in case you want to restart sharing of all posts.

As an additional info, you have “Shared in” information, specifying where the post has been shared and how many times (rounds/cycles)

Action Logs

Last 100 shares executed by the plugin. Pay attention to “Server time” and “Last revivify execution” value. You can use that to inspect if your revivify scheduler is being executed appropriately. For e.g. in case you’ve setup a share frequency to 1 minute (0.01) and time gap between those two values is great than that set frequency, without anything being shared in the Action Log, it’s a sure sign something is not set appropriately or simply not working.

Reset log : Removes all of the log lines
Start/Stop : Start or stop sharing posts

Magic Tags (PRO)

These tags can be included in forma fields (post, category) to fetch specific post values:

  • {custom_field=} : custom field
  • {post_title} : Post title
  • {post_url} : Post permalink
  • {post_author} : Post author’s name
  • {post_tags} : Post tags (merged)
  • {post_category} : Post categories (merged)
  • {mention_custom_field=} : Select specific field
  • {current_date} : server date
  • {current_time} : server time
  • {post_excerpt} –
  • {post_image} –

Pinger (PRO)

WP ReVivify Service relies on WP Cron system/scheduler and there’s one major disadvantage. When there’s no traffic on your site, WP Cron might not trigger ReVivify Social scheduled posts. To circumvent that, we’re offering a sub-service called WP Pinger. That service is, based on your saved schedule in WP Revivify Social plugin, calling your website. On any account you add or more precisely on any schedule you set Pinger is creating a schedueld callback. Simple GET/POST request towards your website at a designated time.

WP Pinger is using a website URL you’ve entered to generat appropriate call to your website.

WP Pinger is only available in PRO version of the WP ReVivify Social plugin and only for the owners. Third party client websites are not included.

Pinger will attempt 3x to reach your website on pre-defined schedule (you’ve set in your plugin). On each successful post publication/sharing, counter will reset. In cases where website is not reachable or if there are no posts to share, by reaching the 3rd attempt, scheduled times are deleted from our system and no further call will be attempted. You can reset your schedule by re-saving your general account/page settings (within your WP ReVivify Social Plugin) or by re-starting ReVivify plugin (Start/Stop sharing within the plugin settings)

Service Abuse

Any abuse of this service will be sanctioned, including complete access removal to our current/future services (accounts, licenses, etc). This might include, but are not limited to, hacking, probing, too frequent calls (schedule alterations), etc.

Don’t forget to check our Privacy Policy & ToS. By using our services you implicitly agree and accept our Terms Of Service (including any waiver of liability, data collection, legal consequences, etc).

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