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Flexible social share scheduler auto-poster designed for anyone who wants to boost their social network presence by scheduling and auto (re)sharing WordPress posts, including businesses, bloggers & web developers.

Social Share Scheduler

Easily get your content to social networks via multiple options.
You can rely on our simple dashboard to schedule post or content publishing (status/message, link, image file) on specific social network/page and time. 

For more customizable approach, Revivify offers an API, ready for easy integration with your own solutions.

WordPress Plugin Available

To accomodate vast WP market needs ReVivify has developed a social network share plugin or auto poster. It’s designed to help you with your social network sharing, offering multiple options and settings to make your life easier (Intervals, time ranges, tags, categories, templates and many more). 

Unlimited websites, unlimited accounts. Keeping the old posts active or sharing new ones was never easier. Easily share your revivify account with your clients, keep everything in one place for easy monitoring.

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Revivify Auto-Poster Features

unlimited accounts

Connect as many social accounts as you need for free. Suitable for both personal and agency use.

easy to use dashboard

Easy to use Web-based dashboard available separately from WordPress plugin.


Designed with developers in mind. Integrate social network management with your own solutions.

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